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Our Work So Far...

Some of our successes:

  • Building a number of compound fences to provide security for communities housed inside.

  • Building and/or rebuilding a number of houses/shelters within those compounds in order to provide housing for refugees.

  • Supply of electricity/security lighting within one compound.

  • Supplying food to groups of refugees and drinking water to those within one compound.

  • Funding for medicine and/or medical/surgical intervention for many refugees. This includes lifesaving surgery for women in particular.

  • Occasional food, clothing, school books or other provision for families and children.

  • Supply of feminine products and other provisions to women, working with those women to grant them a form of autonomy free from male-dominated charitable provision.

  • Funding for mobile phones, legal assistance for those facing police interrogation, etc.

  • Funding to assist safe houses in Kenya with rent, food, medicine, or other provisions.

  • Ongoing moral and psychological support to many individuals.

  • Interim financial support for individuals on the cusp of resettlement to third nations.

  • Delivery of zoom seminar/webinar sessions to Rainbow Atheists and World Parliament of Religions (aiming to expand this to include varied and diverse other audiences).

Areas We Are Working Towards:​

  • To expand our field of operations to include a fuller and more extensive committee, sharing their skills as needed to include a website, management and administrative duties, and a strengthened management structure, etc.

  • To expand our donor base, including finding those who are willing to commit to making monthly donations.


  • To continue formalising the structure and operations of Humanity in Need - Rainbow Refugees (we are currently an unincorporated association).

  • To formally align with other organisations for mutual support.

  • To establish avenues and opportunities for ongoing publicity and public relations.

  • To continue building links with those in Nairobi/Kakuma, as a way to ensure autonomous delivery of assistance on the ground while still providing accountability, ethical governance, and oversight.

  • To finalise suitable and appropriate financial and welfare assistance for those in Kenya with whom we work. This must become ongoing and become self-sustaining.

  • The need to establish appropriate methods to enable needy refugees to contact us and be properly assisted while maintaining safe and appropriate working conditions for ourselves and for those in Kenya.


  • To secure ongoing and adequate funding and other forms of support to assist safe houses, Kenyan Community Based organisations, and medical provision in Nairobi, working towards self-sufficiency on the ground beyond 'crisis management' operations.

  • To build and empower local communities of Kenyan, Ugandan, and Great Lakes LGBT+ communities on the ground in Nairobi, with special attention to women, trans folk, and children.

We note that Kenya remains a volatile and unsafe place for LGBT+ people, and we express great concern at the welfare of many LGBT+ refugees in Kakuma and Dadaab Refugee Camps and in Nairobi. This alone is another reason why our work needs to continue and expand – hopefully providing mutual support with other organisations.

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