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Some of our successes so far

  • Building compound fences to enhance security for the communities housed inside.

  • Constructing and/or rebuilding houses/shelters within these compounds to provide housing for refugees.

  • Providing electricity and security lighting within one compound.

  • Supplying food and drinking water to groups of refugees within one compound.

  • Funding medical/surgical interventions, including lifesaving surgery for women.

  • Offering occasional provisions such as food, clothing, and school books for families and children.

  • Providing feminine products and other provisions to women, empowering them with autonomy.

  • Funding mobile phones and legal assistance for individuals facing police interrogation.

  • Assisting safe houses in Kenya with rent, food, medicine, and other provisions.

  • Offering ongoing moral and psychological support to many individuals.

  • Providing interim financial support for individuals on the brink of resettlement to third nations.

  • Delivering zoom seminar/webinar sessions to various audiences, including Rainbow Atheists and the World Parliament of Religions, with plans to expand to diverse other audiences.


We are working towards

  • Expanding our field of operations by involving a fuller and more extensive committee to handle website management, administrative duties, and strengthening the management structure.

  • Growing our donor base, seeking those willing to commit to monthly donations.

  • Formalizing the structure and operations of Humanity in Need - Rainbow Refugees.

  • Formally aligning with other organizations for mutual support.

  • Establishing avenues and opportunities for ongoing publicity and public relations.

  • Continuing to build links with individuals in Nairobi/Kakuma to ensure autonomous delivery of assistance while maintaining accountability and ethical governance.

  • Finalizing suitable financial and welfare assistance for those in Kenya with whom we work, aiming for self-sustainability.

  • Establishing appropriate methods for needy refugees to contact us and receive assistance while maintaining safe working conditions.

  • Securing ongoing and adequate funding and support to assist safe houses, Kenyan Community Based organizations, and medical provision in Nairobi.

  • Empowering local communities of Kenyan, Ugandan, and Great Lakes LGBT+ communities, with a focus on women, trans individuals, and children

We acknowledge that Kenya remains volatile and unsafe for LGBT+ people, and we express great concern for the welfare of LGBT+ refugees in Kakuma, Dadaab Refugee Camps, and Nairobi. This underscores the importance of continuing and expanding our work to provide mutual support with other organizations.

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